Data innovation With David Hartmann

David Hartmann Ceo of The Silver Logic talks about data innovation systems and how the outdated systems could be costing your business money. 

will there be a Healthcare Revolution?

Noel Guillama, Health care investor and CEO of OXIO talks about the potential healthcare crisis of 2026 and how we are headed for a global healthcare revolution.  

LET'S TALK: Youtube Star TPindell Talks social platform Algorithms

Youtube star with over 100M views talks about succeeding as a content creator despite the ever-changing algorithms on social media.

The multi Billion dollar industry of block chain

Ceo of BG strategic advisors and investor for Cambridge capital talk about the the booming supply chain  industry and how it effects almost every other market.  

Suzanne Boyd Talks about quitting your job. 

TV personality/producer and former veteran CBS New Anchor Suzanne Boyd spoke to entrepreneurs about branching out on their own and leveraging tools like social media to gain independence.



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