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Christopher Redding is a serial entrepreneur responsible for developing strategic marketing and sustainability systems for startups and small businesses. He is CEO of CSR Creative consulting and founder of Let’s Talk, an educational platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups.


Over the last 10 years, Christopher has had the opportunity to produce content for numerous INC 5000 companies, establishing initiatives to enhance brand awareness, productivity,  training, and sales. Most recently, Christopher was able to establish a content distribution partnership with Barnes & Noble and Ingram for The Heart of the Deal Media, which led to the company's publication success on the Amazon Best Sellers list.


Christopher is also the founder of Pangea, a music entertainment organization geared toward socially conscious music and entertainment. He is holder, author, and composer of over 30 copyrights in the United States Library of Congress.

He is is passionate about entrepreneurship, and innovation inspiring youths to use their natural abilities to serve to better themselves and their community.



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