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sept. 30th

Covid-19 Update

Let's Talk innovation conference is still currently scheduled for Sept. 30th 2020. 

We are monitoring Covid-19 updates closely and will act according to state and county safety regulations. For questions contact us. 

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  • Newell brands

  • Hotel Planner

  • Next Era Energy

  • Cambridge Capital

  • PWBR, Inc.

  • The office Dr Cleaning Solutions llc

  • Classy Lady and Wine

  • Addison Reserve Country Club

  • Microsoft 

  • Tesla

  • Florida Atlantic University

previous attendees

  • Kid Like

  • Laurie Reader Real Estate

  • Microsoft 

  • Kimley-Horn

  • McDonald's


  • Earth For Animals

  • Baes Photography LLC

  • Tesla

  • Florida Atlantic University

  • USDV Capital

  • Live N Lavish Events

  • Rothwell Figg

  • Estimating Edge

  • Big Time Restaurant Group

  • The SilverLogic


  • LSAT Made Easy, LLC

  • FDMG Media Group

Let's Talk brings together global leaders in healthcare, technology, real estate, media and more to discuss innovation. Led by distinguished industry experts, Let’s Talk is a platform to collaborate, conceptualize and invest in ideas. 




let's talk 


  • Meet and Greet with Tech Stars

  • Connect with Entrepreneurs 

  • Recruit New Talent

  • Business Development Connections 

  • Meet Investors

  • Tech CEOs evaluate new business models and growth opportunities, and build effective partnerships and ecosystems

  • General managers get the best high-growth opportunities and competitive strategies, and learn how to problem-solve across market silos

  • Product managers learn product differentiation techniques, feature and function strategies, and how to lead innovation within the organization

  • Product marketers get progressive go-to-market, demand generation, and sales enablement practices to drive revenue growth

let's talk


  • Create Brand Awareness   

  • Expose Thought Leadership

  • Connect With Startups, Innovators & Influencers   

  • Meet Investors    

  • Generate Press, Showcase Innovation 

  • Engage Employees  


  • CEOs, CIOs, Founders, and Executive Staff

  • Marketing Directors, Team Leads, Catalysts and Strategists

  • Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors

  • Content Managers and Curators

  • Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Investors

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  • Real Estate

  • Media

  • Healthcare

  • Marketing

  • Technology

  • Consulting


USDV Capital

Let's Talk

real estate

Technology Innovation:

Let’s talk is the leading industry conference focused on technology and innovation for commercial real estate. This annual event brings together creative, forward-thinking, commercial real estate professionals who gather to discuss how automation technology impacts how we use, transact and operate real estate.

Finance Innovation:

Let’s Talk is excited to offer a deep dive into the latest innovation in finance options, acquisitions strategies, and debt and equity structures impacting multifamily investors.


Networking and Business Development Opportunities:

Let’s Talk connects dozens of registrants - over 60% of which are categorized as small and mid-sized multifamily owners – with sponsors/exhibitors.

Pensam Capital


  • Rent vs. Owning - Are more people choosing to rent? 

  • Demographics & housing: Are millennials heading to the suburbs?

  • Affordability: Today vs. The past - population and job market growth

  • The political climate - What may change in 2021? How to prepare?     Is the homeownership gap going to influence future plans?

  • Public & Private partnerships - pushing back on community resistance: The politics and relationships you need for success

  • Is mixed-use the way to go?

  • Your property management app: What is needed?

  • What is the #1 product that saves the owner the most money?

  • IOT in 5 years• What are the questions you should ask before buying technology?

who should


  • Small & Mid-Sized Apartment Owners/Operators

  • Equity Investors

  • Service Providers

  • Brokers

  • Lenders

  • Vendors

  • Real estate Agents

  • Small & Mid-Sized Apartment Owners/Operators

  • Equity Investors

  • Service Providers


Let's Talk



& CEOs

  • Be ahead of the curve. Anticipate how AI, IoT, blockchain and other emerging tech impact your market, and learn which new technologies to invest in next.]

  • Beat the competition. Learn new go-to-market practices to accelerate sales cycles and increase win rates that put your business ahead of the game.

  • Take advantage of growth opportunities. Learn where the biggest growth opportunities are for technology service providers.

  • Changing customer needs, new technologies and rapid change require companies to stay at the forefront of innovation. Learn the tools you need to get your team there.

  • Learn how to develop your product positioning, storytelling and messaging to differentiate your product from the competition.

  • Invest in your success. Invest in new capabilities and technologies to evolve the product portfolio for changing markets.



who should


  • Discover new technologies impacting the market.

  • Prepare your business model to scale while meeting the priorities of today.

  • Refine your product offerings and portfolio to meet changing customer needs.

  • Create go-to-market strategies for strong positioning and product differentiation.

  • Foresee shifts in the buying and customer lifecycles.

  • Respond faster to economic uncertainty.

  • Build effective partnerships and ecosystems.

  • Attract and retain talent in a competitive market.



Raul J. Rodriguez, M.D., Provides Innovative Treatment For Mental Disorders 


“We have a progressive approach to treating our patients,” Dr. Rodriguez says. “Our comprehensive programs are designed to address all aspects of mental-health-related conditions, ranging from depression and anxiety to eating disorders and addiction.” 


 Sponsor / Speak

/ Exhibit 

As one of South Florida's most targeted entrepreneurial events, Let's Talk provides a unique opportunity to engage with the business community. Let's talk about how you can leverage our conference to propel your brand into the future. 

Create Brand Awareness / Expose Thought Leadership / Showcase Innovation /Connect With Startups, Innovators & Influencers / Recruit Employees & Clients / Meet Investors / Create Strategic Opportunities / Generate Press / Engage Employees



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