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sept. 30th

Covid-19 Update

Let's Talk innovation conference held virtually on Sept. 30th 2020. 

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  • Microsoft 

  • Tesla

  • Florida Atlantic University

previous attendees

  • Newell brands

  • Hotel Planner

  • Next Era Energy

  • Cambridge Capital

  • Kid Like

  • Laurie Reader Real Estate

  • Microsoft 

  • Kimley-Horn

  • Live N Lavish Events

  • Rothwell Figg

  • Estimating Edge

  • Big Time Restaurant Group

  • PWBR, Inc.

  • The office Dr Cleaning Solutions llc

  • Classy Lady and Wine

  • Addison Reserve Country Club

  • The SilverLogic


  • LSAT Made Easy, LLC

  • FDMG Media Group

  • McDonald's


  • Earth For Animals

  • Baes Photography LLC

  • Tesla

  • Florida Atlantic University

  • USDV Capital

Beatrice Dixon

CEO & Founder

The Honey pot  Company 

Jeff Miller 


Grovest Capital fund

Jonathan Quarles

CEO & Founder

Quartz Water Source  

Noah Miller


Gelt Financial

Todd billings

founder & partner 

usdv capital  

saron yitbarek



(Owned by DEV)  


serena redding 

media strategist 

csr creative   

jaime Legagneur


Flint Stone Media  

mae Abdelrahman

CEO / founder



Mountains in Clouds

Making Dollars While Making Change journeys through the author’s formative personal and professional experiences, highlighting how they have shaped him as an entrepreneur. Both reflective and prescriptive in nature, the stories that lie within connect the dots on how Quarles has used entrepreneurship as a platform for social impact and are intended as a call to action for all those who have been too afraid to pull the trigger on their game-changing ideas. 

Jonathan Quarles

CEO & Founder 

keynote speaker 

and Author


“Companies and individuals alike have made terms like “impact” and “double bottom line” slogans too often void of transformative action. Making Dollars While Making Change is not a book it’s a blueprint to support making impact part of your DNA. ”

— Jeff Johnson, Award-Winning Journalist, CEO, Men Thrive

“Game recognizes game, so I would be lying if I said that any of Jonathan’s business success, from his holding company, The BTL Group, to Quartz Water Source, his latest venture, is a surprise. I didn’t just hope for it, I expected it.”

— Tavis Smiley, Author & Talk Show Host

“Coca-Cola Scholars are socially-conscious leaders who see a better future for their communities. We are so proud to count Jonathan as one of our own. We remain grateful that he uses his gifts to change the world.”

— Jane Hale Hopkins, President of Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation

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Let's Talk brings together global leaders in healthcare, technology, real estate, media and more to discuss innovation. Led by distinguished industry experts, Let’s Talk is a platform to collaborate, conceptualize and invest in ideas. 




let's talk 


  • Meet and Greet with Tech Stars

  • Connect with Entrepreneurs 

  • Recruit New Talent

  • Business Development Connections 

  • Meet Investors

  • Tech CEOs evaluate new business models and growth opportunities, and build effective partnerships and ecosystems

  • General managers get the best high-growth opportunities and competitive strategies, and learn how to problem-solve across market silos

  • Product managers learn product differentiation techniques, feature and function strategies, and how to lead innovation within the organization

  • Product marketers get progressive go-to-market, demand generation, and sales enablement practices to drive revenue growth

let's talk


  • Create Brand Awareness   

  • Expose Thought Leadership

  • Connect With Startups, Innovators & Influencers   

  • Meet Investors    

  • Generate Press, Showcase Innovation 

  • Engage Employees  


  • CEOs, CIOs, Founders, and Executive Staff

  • Marketing Directors, Team Leads, Catalysts and Strategists

  • Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors

  • Content Managers and Curators

  • Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Investors

who should



  • Real Estate

  • Media

  • Healthcare

  • Marketing

  • Technology

  • Consulting


USDV Capital

Let's Talk

real estate

Technology Innovation:

Let’s talk is the leading industry conference focused on technology and innovation for commercial real estate. This annual event brings together creative, forward-thinking, commercial real estate professionals who gather to discuss how automation technology impacts how we use, transact and operate real estate.

Finance Innovation:

Let’s Talk is excited to offer a deep dive into the latest innovation in finance options, acquisitions strategies, and debt and equity structures impacting multifamily investors.


Networking and Business Development Opportunities:

Let’s Talk connects dozens of registrants - over 60% of which are categorized as small and mid-sized multifamily owners – with sponsors/exhibitors.

Gelt Financial


  • Rent vs. Owning - Are more people choosing to rent? 

  • Demographics & housing: Are millennials heading to the suburbs?

  • Affordability: Today vs. The past - population and job market growth

  • The political climate - What may change in 2021? How to prepare?     Is the homeownership gap going to influence future plans?

  • Public & Private partnerships - pushing back on community resistance: The politics and relationships you need for success

  • Is mixed-use the way to go?

  • Your property management app: What is needed?

  • What is the #1 product that saves the owner the most money?

  • IOT in 5 years• What are the questions you should ask before buying technology?

who should


  • Small & Mid-Sized Apartment Owners/Operators

  • Equity Investors

  • Service Providers

  • Brokers

  • Lenders

  • Vendors

  • Real estate Agents

  • Small & Mid-Sized Apartment Owners/Operators

  • Equity Investors

  • Service Providers


Let's Talk



& CEOs

  • Be ahead of the curve. Anticipate how AI, IoT, blockchain and other emerging tech impact your market, and learn which new technologies to invest in next.]

  • Beat the competition. Learn new go-to-market practices to accelerate sales cycles and increase win rates that put your business ahead of the game.

  • Take advantage of growth opportunities. Learn where the biggest growth opportunities are for technology service providers.

  • Changing customer needs, new technologies and rapid change require companies to stay at the forefront of innovation. Learn the tools you need to get your team there.

  • Learn how to develop your product positioning, storytelling and messaging to differentiate your product from the competition.

  • Invest in your success. Invest in new capabilities and technologies to evolve the product portfolio for changing markets.



who should


  • Discover new technologies impacting the market.

  • Prepare your business model to scale while meeting the priorities of today.

  • Refine your product offerings and portfolio to meet changing customer needs.

  • Create go-to-market strategies for strong positioning and product differentiation.

  • Foresee shifts in the buying and customer lifecycles.

  • Respond faster to economic uncertainty.

  • Build effective partnerships and ecosystems.

  • Attract and retain talent in a competitive market.



Raul J. Rodriguez, M.D., Provides Innovative Treatment For Mental Disorders 


“We have a progressive approach to treating our patients,” Dr. Rodriguez says. “Our comprehensive programs are designed to address all aspects of mental-health-related conditions, ranging from depression and anxiety to eating disorders and addiction.” 


 Sponsor / Speak

/ Exhibit 

As one of South Florida's most targeted entrepreneurial events, Let's Talk provides a unique opportunity to engage with the business community. Let's talk about how you can leverage our conference to propel your brand into the future. 

Create Brand Awareness / Expose Thought Leadership / Showcase Innovation /Connect With Startups, Innovators & Influencers / Recruit Employees & Clients / Meet Investors / Create Strategic Opportunities / Generate Press / Engage Employees



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